As one of the nation's largest environmental, food, and consumer products testing companies, EMSL's network of laboratories has been providing quality analytical services to clients since 1981.

EMSL offers analytical testing services to support investigations focused on laboratory testing of Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Consumer Products. Laboratory capabilities include the analysis of microbes, fungi, bacteria, contaminants, environmental pollutants, asbestos, lead paint, metals, and chemicals. Additionally, EMSL provides laboratory services related to microbiology, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, materials testing and characterization, forensic analysis, mechanical testing and environmental chamber studies for a wide range of commercial, industrial, regulatory, and governmental clients.

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EMSL’s food, nutraceutical, personal and consumer products laboratories are currently located in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Pasadena, CA and Cinnaminson, NJ facilities.

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Why conduct a Shelf Life Study?

Shelf Life Studies are used by the Food & Consumer Products industry to determine and validate the length of time a product will retain its quality under a certain set of storage conditions.

Shelf Life of a product is used to ensure the safety and quality of products prior to consumer release. During the Shelf Life of a food it should be:
- safe to use
- retain anticipated quality traits that are characteristic to the product
- meet any nutritional claims that are indicated on the label

When should you do a Shelf Life Study?

A Shelf Life Study should be conducted on all new products. Additionally shelf life studies should be done when there are any changes to a product formulation, processing operation, packaging or storage conditions.

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